ObamaCare kills jobs, and we’re supposed to be thankful?

Jul 29, 2014 Comments Off admin

We knew from the start that ObamaCare was going to be a massive job killer, just as we knew its supporters would do their best to hide the truth. But I don’t know if anyone predicted that they would expect us to be grateful about it. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has reported that ObamaCare’s …

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Time to end the Department of Education

Jul 16, 2014 Comments Off admin

Whenever a politician tells you he needs your tax dollars “for the children,” hold on to your wallet! National per-pupil education spending has skyrocketed over the years, yet we’ve long known that added money hasn’t budged high-school graduation rates or test scores for reading, math, or science. And now, the latest numbers on the federal …

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The VA’s horrifying ObamaCare preview

Jul 14, 2014 Comments Off admin

Prior to the recent Veterans Administration revelations, Obama’s big-government allies touted the VA as a “shining city on a hill” for the rest of Americans. But what we’re learning about the federal government’s treatment of our sick and injured veterans is nothing short of horrifying. As you know, the VA is now under investigation for …

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Obama’s hell-bent against energy independence

Jul 2, 2014 Comments Off admin

It’s a fact. For whatever reason, Barack Obama seems hell-bent on keeping massive new Canadian oil discoveries from ever reaching U.S. refineries or consumers. Of course, study after study by his own State Department has proved the Keystone XL Pipeline’s environmental safety. And the pipeline is far safer than transporting the oil on rail through …

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Getting welfare to smoke weed all day?

May 22, 2014 Comments Off admin

This video is about as shocking as it gets. A morning radio show in Texas got a call from a big fan of welfare named Lucy — and just wait ‘till you hear why. She actually called in to brag about the fact that welfare lets her sit home and smoke weed all day! “Me …

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Insecure man, doctor

Doctors are running from ObamaCare

May 16, 2014 Comments Off admin

As you know, millions of Americans are scheduled to lose their old health care plans because of ObamaCare. But it’s important to remember that ObamaCare has been a bitter pill for doctors, too. And that many doctors are leaving their professions to avoid ObamaCare. In fact, Dr. Bill Grace, the founder of Grace Oncology in …

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Obama’s regulatory nightmare

May 12, 2014 Comments Off admin

Barack Obama continues to define his presidency by dumping red tape on the economy by the truckload. And recently-released government data confirms that he’s doing so at a shocking rate. Every regulation a bureaucrat in Washington, DC cooks up is compiled in the Code of Federal Regulations, which currently spans more than one hundred seventy-five …

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It’s only a trick

Apr 21, 2014 Comments Off admin

Imagine charging $8,000 to your credit card on a wild shopping spree… …then trying to explain to your spouse how you actually saved the family money as you had originally planned to spend $10,000. The fact is that big spenders in Washington, D.C. have been playing games like this with our money and calling it …

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ObamaCare: A win for insurance companies, a loss for everyone else

Apr 18, 2014 Comments Off admin

You probably remember that health insurance companies were happy to sign on to ObamaCare. Not only did it promise to force millions of people onto their rolls, but it also guaranteed them a taxpayer-funded bailout for whatever losses they take from insuring ObamaCare enrollees for anything that went south. A win-win for tax-and-spenders and insurance …

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Toxic sign

Even Obama supporters know ObamaCare is toxic

Apr 16, 2014 Comments Off admin

Going into the next nine months, you and I must not let the American people forget the disastrous reality of ObamaCare. Widespread canceled coverage. Massive premium hikes for lower quality coverage. Employers laying off hundreds of employees, or moving full-time employees to part-time work to escape the heavy burden of ObamaCare. The Obama Administration knows …

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