Corporate Tax Restricts Economic Growth, Hurts Consumers and Employment

Jan 21, 2016 admin

Thanks to tax-and-spenders in Washington, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. And naturally, such a high tax on American production drives up the cost of goods for you and me while driving jobs overseas. A recent study from the Tax Foundation affirmed what NLT members have long known, …

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What should we cut first? Here’s a list to get the politicians started…

Jan 14, 2016 admin

Big Government politicians in Washington continue to spend us into oblivion. As a result, we have an $18 trillion dollar debt and over $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. With all that waste, one has to wonder where to even begin trimming the fat? That’s where this list comes in handy. This plan would save taxpayers $2.5 trillion over …

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ObamaCare on Life Support

Jan 7, 2016 admin

The President’s so-called “Affordable Care Act” is proving to be anything but. In fact, ObamaCare is killing jobs and driving up costs of insurance premiums at such a rate that most people would rather go uninsured. As the fiscal times points out: “Obamacare didn’t make much of a dent in the uninsured rate, it has …

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Debt Clock

A “spending cut” that increases spending

Dec 17, 2015 admin

Imagine charging $8,000 to your credit card on a wild shopping spree… …then trying to explain to your spouse how you actually saved the family money as you had originally planned to spend $10,000. The fact is that big spenders in Washington, D.C. have been playing games like this with our money and calling it …

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Watch for utility bills

Dec 10, 2015 admin

Barack Obama admitted as a candidate in 2008 pitching his so-called “green energy” plan, “Under my plan…electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” And for him and his Hollywood elite supporters, a rise in electricity rates is just a drop in the bucket. But for millions of Americans a ten, twenty, or thirty percent increase in electricity …

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