ObamaCare: A win for insurance companies, a loss for everyone else

Apr 18, 2014 Comments Off admin

You probably remember that health insurance companies were happy to sign on to ObamaCare. Not only did it promise to force millions of people onto their rolls, but it also guaranteed them a taxpayer-funded bailout for whatever losses they take from insuring ObamaCare enrollees for anything that went south. A win-win for tax-and-spenders and insurance …

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Toxic sign

Even Obama supporters know ObamaCare is toxic

Apr 16, 2014 Comments Off admin

Going into the next nine months, you and I must not let the American people forget the disastrous reality of ObamaCare. Widespread canceled coverage. Massive premium hikes for lower quality coverage. Employers laying off hundreds of employees, or moving full-time employees to part-time work to escape the heavy burden of ObamaCare. The Obama Administration knows …

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Obama’s plan: higher taxes, more spending, and zero reform

Apr 7, 2014 Comments Off admin

Higher taxes, more spending, and no reform. The $3.9 TRILLION federal budget Barack Obama has proposed for the new fiscal year is a rerun of every terrible fiscal idea he’s ever had, and then some. It would impose $1.2 trillion in new tax hikes on the country, from airlines to death taxes to new taxes …

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$50 Million for Free Information?

Apr 2, 2014 Comments Off admin

It seems like every time I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to wasteful government spending, a new example comes along to redefine “ridiculous.” Have you ever heard of the National Technical Information Service? It’s a federal agency that gathers “government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business-related information” and sells it to other parts …

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Your petitions are making a difference

Mar 24, 2014 Comments Off admin

Your petitions are making a difference! Thanks to you and other National League of Taxpayers members, you and I have reached more than 40 cosponsors on H.J. Res. 5 and S.J. Res. 7, a tough Balanced Budget Amendment that would not only require a balanced budget, but also require a two-thirds vote to raise taxes. …

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Obama Administration flouts the law

Mar 21, 2014 Comments Off admin

What does President Obama do when he doesn’t get his way? He teams up with Harry Reid to change the rules. You see, in 1987 Congress chose Yucca Mountain, Nevada as the location for a nuclear waste storage center. For years, with the opposition of Harry Reid and extreme elements of so-called environmentalists, the project …

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The Minimum Wage Illusion

Mar 14, 2014 Comments Off admin

President Obama’s State of the Union Address brings to mind a washed up magician at a child’s birthday party. In an attempt to distract from the ObamaCare train wreck and struggling economy, Obama trotted out as many tired old big government tricks as he could. And alongside his usual tax-and-spend clichés, he decided to dust …

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Uncle Same Pickpocket

Public Servants or Public Masters?

Mar 12, 2014 Comments Off admin

Are they our servants or our masters? As I write you today, the federal and state governments continue to inflate government workers’ pay and benefits with your tax dollars. And wherever bureaucrats can exploit taxpayers to enrich themselves, they’ll fight like tooth and nail to keep the gravy train going. As a result, government employees …

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Thank you for standing up to the IRS!

Mar 10, 2014 Comments Off admin

The power of your voice has been heard! Over recent days, you and other National League of Taxpayers members have been weighing in on IR-2013-92, the Obama Administration’s most brazen attempt yet to silence his critics through the power of the IRS. IR-2013-92 would forbid groups like NLT from informing their members about politicians’ tax-and-spend …

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Tax dollars for empty buildings?

Mar 5, 2014 Comments Off admin

It’s shameful that so much government spending goes toward buying votes and paying off special interests, but hardly surprising in the dog-eat-dog world of politics. But what’s downright unbelievable is that the deeper we look at the federal budget, the more examples we find of utterly mindless expenses that should be quick and easy to …

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