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The National League of Taxpayers is a grassroots network of citizens throughout the United States who are committed to limiting the size and cost of government.

American taxpayers are being bled by government at all levels. Since the group’s inception in 1994, hard-working Americans have been forced to hand over ever-increasing amounts of money from their pay checks to fund wasteful arts, humanities and social welfare programs.

At the current rate of spending, government demands require that Americans must work the first four and a half months out of every year to earn enough money to pay their taxes — eating up precious resources that could be spent on paying the rent, putting food on their tables, and taking care of their families.

At the same time, Big Government just keeps getting bigger. Every year legislators at the federal, state and local levels spend billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund pet projects, like the federal government’s Rural Obesity Study, or wasteful organizations like the California Prune Board and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Given the explosive growth in taxes and budgets at both the state and federal level, the National League of Taxpayers is committed to being a strong voice of reason.

As an organization, we make it our highest priority to educate our members and the American public on key taxation and budget issues around the nation. At the same time, we work to make voting taxpayers aware of just how their elected officials are voting and where individual candidates stand on these important issues.